SMART7 Installation

When the appropriate equipment is selected, complete the following steps to set up and begin using the NovAtel GNSS receiver.

SMART7 Installation


  1. Mount the SMART7 receiver.
    Refer to Mounting and Orienting the SMART7 for mounting details.

  2. Connect other GNSS system components using the output lines.
    See SMART Antenna Interface Cable (Optional Accessory).

  3. Connect the receiver to other GNSS system components, such as a computer or data terminal, using the communication ports or Wi-Fi.
    See Connect the SMART7 to Data Communication Equipment.

  4. Connect the interface cable to the interface connector on the receiver.

  5. Connect the power cable to the power supply.
    See Connect Power to the SMART7 for details.

    Ensure a 5 A slow blow fuse is incorporated in the power wiring.