Mounting and Orienting the SMART7


Mount the SMART7 on a secure, stable structure capable of safe operation in the specific environment. Ensure the SMART7 has a clear view of the sky.

  • If installing on a vehicle, mount the SMART7 on the vehicle roof, ideally close to the pivot point of the vehicle. The SMART7 must be mounted with the connector facing the rear of the vehicle and the top up with an unobstructed view of the sky in all directions.

    The SMART7 must be rigidly secured to the vehicle to avoid errors caused by vibration and motion.

  • If installing in a stationary location, mount the SMART7 in a location that has a clear view of the sky so that each satellite above the horizon can be tracked without obstruction. For more information, refer to An Introduction to GNSS available on our website at

The SMART7 can be mounted to the vehicle using the integrated magnets, an optional mounting plate or four M4 screws.


Ensure the SMART7 is oriented with the connector(s) facing the back of the vehicle and the top up with an unobstructed view of the sky in all directions.

SMART7 Orientation

SMART7 Mounting Hole Locations

The SMART7 mounting hole locations are shown in the following diagram.

SMART7 and SMART6 Mounting Hole Locations

Mounting Plate

An optional SMART7 mounting plate is available to facilitate mounting the SMART7. Refer to SMART7 Mounting Plate Specifications for plate dimensions and mounting hole locations.

To install the mounting plate:

  1. Place the SMART7 on the SMART7 mounting plate. The alignment pins on the mounting plate seat in the SMART6 alignment pin holes.

    SMART7 Mounting Plate

  2. The integrated magnets will hold the SMART7 on to the mounting plate.
    To further secure the SMART7 to the mounting plate, use four M4X0.7 thread X 12 mm length screws that pass through the mounting plate and into the SMART7 screw mounting holes. Torque the screws to 10 – 12 in-lbs.

  3. Attach the mounting plate to the vehicle using screws through the mounting holes at each corner of the plate or using adhesive tape.
    Typically, attaching the mounting plate to the vehicle using adhesive tape is only used when SMART7 is magnetically mounted to the mounting plate.