RELAY7 Overview

The RELAY7 is an RTK rover radio module for NovAtel's SMART7 antennas. The RELAY7 module attaches to the SMART7 to create a single unit for easy system integration. The RELAY7 provides the SMART7 with radio connectivity to support RTK corrections.

When the RELAY7 and SMART7 are connected, the optional SMART7 interface cable can be connected to the RELAY7 to deliver pass-through power, RS-232 ports, CAN Bus and ground speed output from the SMART7. Refer to SMART Antenna Interface Cable (Optional Accessory) for cable details.

The SMART7 COM3 RS-232 port is not available when the RELAY7 is connected.


The main features of the RELAY7 are:

  • Satel UHF 400 MHz or 900 MHz radio receiver options to support RTK corrections

  • SMART7/RELAY7 combination can be mounted to a vehicle using integrated magnets

  • Water and dust tight enclosure

  • Integrated NMO radio antenna mount

  • Compatible with many RTK Radio Protocols

RELAY7 Back Interface

The TNC to NMO cable is installed in the factory. It can be removed to install an optional external antenna. Refer to Connect the RELAY7 to the Radio Antenna Mount for information about disconnecting or reconnecting the TNC to NMO cable.

Do not cover the RELAY7 pressure vent. The pressure vent must be allowed to breathe ensure proper RELAY7 operation.

RELAY7 Back and Front View

Refer to RELAY7 Connector Overview for information on the Ampseal interface connector.

Refer to RELAY7 LED for LED Status information.

Available Hardware Models

  • RELAY7-400

  • RELAY7-900