Connect the RELAY7 to the Radio Antenna Mount

To receive UHF radio signals, the RELAY7 must be connected to a radio antenna.

The NMO to TNC Adapter cable comes factory installed. To use an optional external antenna, the cable can be removed. Use the information below to disconnect or reconnect the cable if required later.

RELAY7 Antenna Mounting


  1. Separate the NMO to TNC Adapter cable.
  2. From below, slide the now separated NMO end of adapter cable into the slot at the bottom of the RELAY7.
  3. Push the NMO end of the adapter cable up and through the hole in the RELAY7.
  4. Ensure the white washer is in place before attaching the separated part of the NMO cable onto the top of the protruding end of the adapter cable. Hand turn to tighten.
  5. Connect the TNC end of the cable to the SMART7. Hand turn to tighten.
  6. Attach UHF Radio 400 MHz or 900 MHz antenna as required.