Software Utilities

The following utilities are installed automatically and can be accessed from Start | Programs | Waypoint GPS 8.90 | Utilities.

Concatenate, Slice and Resample

This utility is most often used for combining multiple GPB files together and resampling GPB files to higher intervals. There are many other uses of this utility however and a full description can be found in Concatenate, Slice and Resample Files.

Copy User Files

User created content from previous versions of Waypoint software can be found in the User directory of the previous software version. To find this directory, open the previous version of software and navigate to File | Preferences then select the Update tab. The directory listed under the label All user created or modified profiles, grids, datums, favorites, etc. is your User directory.

The User directory of your previous version of software may contain files such as:

  • User created export profiles (*.prf)

  • User created processing profiles (*.DefOpt)
    Be sure to check your installation directory for user created processing profiles as well.

  • User created datums (user.dtm)

  • User created grids (user.grd)

  • User created favorite points/coordinates (user.fvt)

  • User created plot groups (user.pgr)

  • User created download service links (user.xml)

  • User created 3rd party IMU conversion profiles (user.cim, Inertial Explorer/Inertial Explorer Xpress only)

  • User created IMU error models (user.imu, Inertial Explorer/Inertial Explorer Xpress only)

  • User created vehicle profiles (user.vpf, Inertial Explorer/Inertial Explorer Xpress only)

To find your 8.90 User directory, navigate to the installation directory of your 8.90 software and read the waypoint.settings file. This is an ASCII file that you can read with any ASCII text editor. Your 8.90 User directory path will be saved in the node labeled UserDir. By default UserDir will be in your 8.90 installation directory.

To migrate your old user created content simply copy the files from the User directory of the previous version of software to the User directory of your 8.90 software.

All user files from 8.80 are fully compatible with 8.90 and you can copy them directly from 8.80 to 8.90. Waypoint cannot guarantee 8.90 User file compatibility for older software versions (e.g. the lever arm favourites – user.lvf – file is not supported in 8.90). If a user file is incompatible with 8.90, you will have to recreate the file using 8.90 utilities.

Download Service Data

This utility allows you to search for freely accessible base station data provided by government organizations. The utility will download, convert, and if necessary resample and concatenate the downloaded data so that it is ready to be used within your project.

The download utility can also be used to obtain precise satellite clock and ephemerides, and alternate broadcast ephemerides.

HxGN SmartNet

We offer the ability to obtain HxGN SmartNet stations directly through our download utility. This allows anyone with a SmartNet subscription easy access to improve their post-processing workflow. More information on how to enable the service can be found in Services.

GPB Viewer

This utility allows you to view converted GNSS data as well as perform certain functions, such as changing the static/kinematic processing flag. See GPB Viewer Overview for more information.

GNSS Data Converter

This utility converts raw GNSS data files into Waypoint GPB format. The following table shows the supported receivers and formats. See GNSS Data Converter Overview for more information.

You will also see the Local License Manager utility.

Supported Data Formats




All Models


All Models


System 500
System 1200








Real Time