Power Supply Requirements for the SMART2

The SMART2 requires a power supply that provides:

  • a voltage in the range of +7 to +30 VDC, current consumption 500 mA

  • at least 15 W of power (typical use: 2.5 W)

See Table: SMART2 Power Requirements for more power supply specifications.

The SMART2 has an internal power module that:

  • filters and regulates the supply voltage

  • protects against over-voltage, over-current and high-temperature conditions

  • provides automatic reset circuit protection

If the voltage supplied is below the minimum specification, the receiver suspends operation. If the voltage supplied is above the maximum specification, the receiver may be permanently damaged, voiding the warranty.

The supply must be capable of providing enough current to operate the SMART2, including the initial inrush transient. The supply must also be current limited to 5 A with an external fuse.

The amount of power required depends on the number of constellations and signals tracked, and the features enabled.

Refer to SMART Antenna Interface Cable (Optional Accessory) for details about the power cable.