NovAtel OEM3

The following describes the options available for this converter:

Perform pre-processing checks

If enabled, data is scanned after conversion to correct potential issues. See Pre-processing Checks for more information.

Static/Kinematic Mode

This option controls how the static/kinematic flags are set in the final GPB file. Auto will set the entire file static or kinematic according to the detected processing environment.

Records and Files Supported for NovAtel OEM3




RGEB (ID #32)

Measurements (expanded)

One of these records is required,
but RGED is recommended.

RGEC (ID #33)

Measurements (compressed)


RGED (ID #65)

Measurements (compressed)


REPB (ID #14)



POSB (ID# 01)


Recommended for GrafNet users.

MKTB (ID# 04)

Event Mark (time only)

Written to STA file.

MKPB (ID # 05)

Event Mark (time and position)

Written to STA file.

CLKB (ID# 02)

Clock Information

See Notes.


  1. If using receivers with standard correlators, you should either request the CLKB record, or else re-calculate the position and clock information. The clock correction (offset) is needed for processing. This record is also suggested for users logging data right from power-up. Request the CLKB record before the measurement record.

  2. Ensure that the baud rate is set high enough to properly handle 12 channels worth of measurement records, as well any additional records.

  3. The GPS/GLONASS MiLLennium receiver has 24 channels.

  4. Log MKTB or MKPB, but not both.