SMART2 Overview

The SMART2 is a high performance GNSS receiver and antenna, capable of receiving and tracking different combinations of GNSS code and carrier signals on a maximum of 167 channels. SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) support, which includes WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe) and MSAS (Japan) is standard. Refer to An Introduction to GNSS available on our website at for an overview of each of the above signal types. The SMART2 rear panel also features a Light Emitting Diode (LED) for status indication.

Once properly powered, the SMART2 begins operating as a fully functional GNSS system.

Features and Models

The main features of the SMART2 include:

  • a high performance, dual-frequency GNSS receiver

  • a high performance GNSS dual-frequency antenna

  • a CAN port

  • three RS-232 COM ports

  • Bluetooth wireless technology (optional)

  • one LED status indicator

  • a PPS output

  • a Mark Input (MKI) (Event1)

  • a water and dust tight enclosure

  • Emulated Radar output

  • Terrain Compensation (optional)

  • support for TerraStar-L and TerraStar-C PRO correction services

The SMART2 is available in several different firmware models whose configurations may include other additional features (see Table: Hardware Options).

Hardware Options






SMART2 with Bluetooth


SMART2 with Bluetooth and Terrain Compensation

Contact NovAtel Sales at for information regarding available models, upgrading a model to increase feature/functionality or go to Refer to the chapter Firmware Updates and Model Upgrades for details.