RTK ASSIST is a feature that enables centimetre-level accuracies to be maintained through extended RTK correction outages. With RTK ASSIST, RTK-dependent operations can continue through RTK correction outages as long as 20 minutes.

RTK ASSIST uses correction data provided by TerraStar. To obtain these corrections, an L-Band capable receiver is required and L-Band tracking must be enabled using the ASSIGNLBANDBEAM command.

RTK ASSIST also requires a subscription to the RTK ASSIST service. To obtain a subscription, contact your local NovAtel sales representative or visit novatel.com/products/gps-gnss-correction-services/terrastar-correction-services. The NovAtel Product Serial Number (PSN) is needed to obtain a subscription. The PSN is available from the VERSION log.

RTK ASSIST is available as soon as the rover receiver has at least one valid RTK solution and has received the RTK ASSIST correction data. If an RTK correction outage occurs, then RTK ASSIST will maintain RTK mode until the subscription-permitted RTK ASSIST duration is exceeded. A shorter, user-defined RTK ASSIST time out can also be set using the RTKASSISTTIMEOUT command. Normal RTK operation will seamlessly resume if RTK corrections are restored at any point while RTK ASSIST is operating.

RTK ASSIST will report the RTK solution type that was present before RTK corrections were lost, unless the estimated solution standard deviation exceeds the threshold set by the RTKINTEGERCRITERIA command. If this occurs, then integer RTK solutions will be downgraded to their float RTK equivalent.

RTK ASSIST is enabled by default, but can be disabled using the RTKASSIST command. To monitor the status of RTK ASSIST, view the RTKASSISTSTATUS log.

RTK ASSIST typically provides 4 cm accuracy. However, if the RTK outage occurs during the first 30 minutes of receiver operation, the position accuracy provided by RTK ASSIST may be lower.

Additional information about enabling and using RTK ASSIST is available in APN-073: RTK ASSIST & RTK ASSIST PRO (available from our website: novatel.com/support/support-materials/application-notes).