The OEM-IMU-STIM300 can use a MEMS Interface Card (MIC) or a direct RS‑422 link to connect to an OEM7 receiver.

For information about using a MIC, see MIC - MEMS Interface Card.

For information about using a direct RS‑422 link, see Connect an OEM-IMU-STIM300 Directly to an OEM7 Receiver.

OEM-IMU-STIM300 Physical Specifications


IMU Size

45 mm x 39 mm x 22 mm

IMU Weight

55 g

See the following sections for more information about the OEM-IMU-STIM300 IMU.


OM-20000167 v14

November 2019

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7.07.03 / OM7MR0703RN0000
PP7 07.07.04 / EP7PR0704RN0000
7.06.03 / OA7CR0603RN0000