MIC Installation

For an IMU that cannot communicate directly to a NovAtel OEM7 receiver (e.g. SDLC/HDLC), an interface card is required for communication. The MEMS Interface Card (MIC) provides this communication between an OEM7 receiver card and the IMU.

A MIC is required to connect the following IMUs with an OEM7 receiver: HG‑1700, HG-1900 and HG-1930. For other IMUs that require an interface card (e.g. ISA100C, LN200 or ┬ÁIMU), the Universal Interface Controller (UIC) is required to handle the additional power requirements. See UIC Installation.

There are two MIC configurations: stack up and standalone. In a stack up configuration, the MIC card is mounted on an OEM719 receiver. In a standalone configuration, the MIC is mounted separately from the receiver.

The MIC supports all OEM7 receiver cards for communications. The OEM719 is the only OEM7 receiver card that can be directly integrated and powered by the MIC.